Group Classes & Workbooks

I specialize in empowering YOU to read your chart, explore the planets, and get the messages waiting for you directly from Spirit.

In The Classroom

Below is a list of my classes with Uncommon Goods with a link to their website to join me! Please note that I receive a small commission when you sign up through me  🙏

Written In The Stars

This is my most popular class mentioned on CNNunderscored, Cosmopolitan, and the Today show. I will teach you how to read and interpret your solar return (yearly chart prediction) for one hour. I also interpret live, answer questions, and set you up to analyze any year of your life (time travel is real y'all).

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Synch With The Moon

In this class, I teach you everything I use to align myself with the moon...literally everything! From a deeper understanding of the Rising Sign, Sun, and Moon in your chart, all the way to hidden gifts and blocks! Plus, you get a 12-month calendar 🌑

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Do-It-Yourself Workbooks

My self-guided astrology reading workbooks are listed below. Please note that I am an amazon affiliate and receive a small commission when you click the link below and purchase through me 🙏

Natal Chart Workbook

Start here if you love astrology, watch YouTube videos, and want to understand the mechanics.

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Solar Return Workbook

If you feel a little nervous or overwhelmed, I highly recommend this book that was recognized as Best Divination Book by C.O.V.R. in 2018.

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As above, so below. As within, so outside.

Astrology is a profound tool that you can learn, and I want to teach you!