Astrology reading to understand the psyche.

What is the soul?

We live in a paradox; we are connected yet separate. Imagine a strawberry cake made of multiple ingredients: eggs, flour, sugar, butter, vanilla, and strawberries. Before the ingredients are blended together, they are individuals. When they blend in to make a cake, they become unrecognizable, and they search for themselves everywhere, always thinking, where did I go? Why am I here? Why does this place want me to be like everything else? Your Soul is the ingredient AFTER it has been mixed (it cannot be seen, but it still exists). My astrology report takes you to your core ingredient (Soul): who you are independent of all the other noises and voices that have distracted you.

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Are you wondering how to connect with and find yourself,  intuitively? 

When it comes to aligning with your sacred soul inside you versus accidentally cluttering up your mind with more ideas and thoughts, you need to ask yourself one question: is the information coming from the highest source available?

Once you know that, the rest will follow.

Astrology is my highest source, and yes, I believe God has literally written in the sky, free for all to see.  I am happy and honored to interpret this language for you in my astrology report which is my personal written interpretation of your birth chart.

Inside the astrology report..

Soul purpose, and soul contracts...

To make sense of the ingredient (soul) that you are in this big cake batter of life, here are six interpretations inside the astrology report 🙏

  • The question: Why am I here? I interpret in your birth chart your soul's purpose for incarnating into this life.
  • The question: What is holding me back? I interpret the most significant weakness and blindspot for your soul.
  • The question: Will this relationship work out? I interpret your most compatible signs and explain why.
  • The question: What do I need to focus on right now? I interpret where you can focus your energy for your best results.
  • The question: What is happening with my career? I interpret if you are on the rise or on the fall and how to navigate it.
  • The question: What do I need to do to be my best self? I reveal the hidden talents that your soul carries from past lives. 
Download Astrology Report PDF (Free!)

Inspired by The Resurrection Flower

My astrology was inspired by my most precious and sacred friend, the Rose of Jericho. This is a desert tumbleweed that appears dead and lifeless. Yet, it can blow around the desert for up to 30 years (one Saturn return), yet, when it touches just a bit of comes to life. I wanted my report to be like this flower, to bless you with that little bit of water that will light your soul up, nourish your being, and allow you to resurrect. 

There is a sacred practice of intentionally opening and closing this flower, and I wanted this for my astrology. I wanted you to be able to receive my interpretation (my bit of water) and let that be sacred and in your right timing. I desire for you to take from the booklet what you need and leave the rest—completing the process in your wisdom and timing. 

Download Astrology Report PDF (Free!)