Moon Phases

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Learn with Me <3 The moon cycle is 29-days and is the fastest cycle we attune to. From new moon to full moon, she is waxing and gathering light. Then, she is waning and losing light from the full moon, back to the new moon. You will see no light reflected in the night sky during the new moon because the Sun and Moon are together. This is a very inward pull. In contrast, the Earth is sandwiched between the Sun and Moon during a full moon, causing the tides to respond as these two powerful forces hurry to reconnect with each other once again. We explore all of this in my class, Synch With The Moon. If you would like to join me, click the link below to sign up. Please note, I receive a small commission if you sign up through me. Thank you for supporting me 💗


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The Moon Has Two Primary Phases: Waxing And Waning.

The waxing phases are for outward, external growth.

It is a time for doing.

The waning phases are for inward healing.

It is a time to let go.


 As above, so below.

As within, so outside.